The difference of Moskito parquet is in the details

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That the difference is in the details is something that in Moskito we are convinced. Because currently, to the selection of the best woods and experience a team of professionals who have small details that are very important in any facility. We know that the test of our product, although exceptional, cannot differ from the brands, but also know that the details, finished and the after-sales service we offer is unique and incomparable. And that’s what makes us different and what makes the Moskito parquet floors are at the highest level.

Details of the parquets Moskito

In Moskito we combine perfectly the craftsmanship and the latest technologies. The hands and experience of our artisans remain fundamental in our parquet facilities, improving their results with the use of the most advanced machinery. The installers of Moskito define the finishes in the same work, modifying any piece of parquet in its shape, reheating the tongue and groove again and making unique pieces for each space. It is what we call high carpentry, always looking for constructive and aesthetic solutions.

Finishing the parquet floors Moskito

For Moskito every project is a special one, therefore we offer personal finishes according to the particularity of each   parquet installation and we use products that optimize its conservation: hardwax oil, natural oils, waterbased varnishes that respect the environment, greasy varnishes that allow the use on top of natural oils to achieve the natural appearance, but with the resistance of the conventional varnish.

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